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Published:October 31st, 2006 09:31 EST
The Shining Baton: An Emissary of Light

The Shining Baton: An Emissary of Light

By S Renee Greene


Dateline: Last Quarter of 2006, the year of the so-called 'black republican'

It is year's end, and the Republican Party has shown themselves for what they truly are, and what they always were -- color-coded political strategists who actually care more about what they look like in public than they do for the concerns of black people. And for the Democrats?  Black people have been told for years, particularly by organizations such as The Black Panthers, who were technically right, but just going about things the wrong way, to form their own party.

Afrimericans, or African Americans if you insist, have a totally different viewpoint and agenda that has never blended into either party because neither party has origins and roots in anything other than the Old Guard. That "guard," besides wanting nothing other than their own private funding needs met, wanted black people weakened, disarmed, and dead from inception. Basically they were/are all a rowdy gang of old white men with young white male constituents who are currently "conveniencing" blacks (and women) because there are laws that tell them they have no other choice. But if they did have a choice ... hmmm. Who knows? As Reagan once said, perhaps they would go "back to basics." They've all come undone in the past couple of centuries or so and those who can't see it are looking back instead of forward. The past should not be lamented over until the fat lady sings, the cows come home, or until Jesus returns; but it should give us a hint about what to do now, and be relied upon for background information and a source of unifying, not just emotional, pride. Black history month is fine, but it's just that: history. It's a written and oral tool, not to be aggrieved, but to be used like a WMD; but only to rebuild, not to destroy. Almighty God has not given us that spirit of fear and short-sightedness that we should wipe out another race to endure our own.

A political power base strategy wouldn't necessarily be put in place to vote for blacks only, but for Afrimerican people to vote their corporate conscience regardless of race. And maybe even to locate and identify up-and-coming power players of our own to run for office. It would be called something, and its core action agenda would be to scrutinize the details of every electee up at bat, question them unceasingly until it hurts, then follow them up carefully to see to it that they live up to whatever promises it is they make to restore Afrimericans to the socioeconomic status where they belong…without the usual smoke-blowing and 'Bu-sh' of so many years now behind us and beneath our iron-and-clay-mixed feet.

We've seen chunks of the Black Panthers, bits of the movement for reparations, and pieces of a dream in the Million Man March, and all other and further temporary collective bands, flocks, and pools of black people formed to raise issues that are never really addressed. But what else will serve our needs -- without the usual high dramatics, Big-chief-no-Indians, and "party-people" environment of which we have become so accustomed where there are two or more of us gathered? What else, indeed, on the local levels of government where lurks the real power and say-so of a people banded together for a purpose?

For what purpose? Unlike the majority of my generation, who used their newly-acquired freedom during the late 1960s and early to mid-70s, to get high, make boatloads of babies that were left on welfare, and hit the club circuit just to do it again the next night, it's time to actually define what that purpose is. The people cried for freedom and had no clue as to what they were going to do with it when they got it. Its crunch time and that kind of partying should have been over with a long time ago because there's no more time for it. The black community at-large has not put up the numbers, or the fight, in the only place in government that we have to make a real difference. It is the main reason so many blacks don't vote at all -- nothing out there for which to vote. Whatever the purpose is can only be defined by a group of Afrimerican leaders who are in a mindset to make some sense; and to understand that some things that they believe individually may not make any sense to a corporate collective -- to strike a balance and harmony together, and make some dang sense for a change. We are in a dry and barren land scuffling around in the dirt looking for a mirage so we can pretend to drink water. Do we even, at this point, know the difference between the water and sand?

Without a united stance, almost everything we do comes to naught. Notice I said "almost." Every now and then, some miracle happens and some white-based organization or affiliated individual gets charitable and decides to do the right thing instead of the white thing. But, do black people need to forever remain the "bread-begging seed" and a case for charity in America? When do we stop needing a miracle and start being one? Had we done that when we were supposed to, the busted floodgates of New Orleans wouldn't have overwhelmed us; and certainly no one would have been "shocked" by its outcome and the varying political parties' response to it. We shouldn't have been surprised at what happened, but as the United States was partying until 9-11 hit; so were black people partying until New Orleans brought a lot of us back to life, back to reality.

This is off the heesy, but think about it for a quick second: Why is it that the best-selling novels on the black circuit are about sex, dead and tired relationships, and black men on the DL? And why is it that so many best-selling novels in the white community don't go that route unless some "mighty whitey" hero/heroine is kicking those over-sexed, tired, trifling, cheesy characters collective butts? Because real heroes don't just "forgive and forget," they come out guns a-blazing, and picking off needless shufflers in life like they are flies on a wall.

But, back to the issue at hand: Such a party has no choice but to rise in a harsh political hour and climate as is this. Black people had and will always have, through not much of what we can call a real 'choice,' a different perspective upon which we view the United States. We've tried to blend in and take up the older established institutions--the Old Guard, but it never worked. It wasn't supposed to. We weren't written into the roots of the strategy; and we already know why, so there's no need to keep repeating it. It is just a matter of what to do about it.

There are no easy answers, no short cuts or back roads to be taken. America will put up a fight, no matter what we do. That has to be taken into consideration just as the possibility of hard fast competition has to be written into a business plan. We, as a people, have already been conquered, divided, and fallen; and many of us have simply faded to black and refused to do our bounden duty as American citizens. As a political powerbase left to its own devise, perhaps it's time-and past time-for someone to pick up, clean and polish, and twirl the shining baton where The Drum Major for Justice left it. Lady Liberty's torch is still casting long and ominous, foreboding shadows across this sunlit shore. Lady Justice has dropped her clinking, clanging scales on this superfluous horizon one time too many.

I, too, am American: Make me believe in it again.

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