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Published:December 2nd, 2006 04:00 EST
The Great Divide/The Great Collapse

The Great Divide/The Great Collapse

By Justin Brandt

I was reading Newsweek today, because it`s just about the only magazine I can stand, and I noticed something rather disturbing. It was about the Democrats trying to obtain paperwork from the Republicans that were requested by Michael Bolton. You may already know the story behind this, you may not, it`s not of any particular consequence to the rest of this article so I`ll just sum it up: Bolton requested papers for his own revision and research, and now the rest of the government wants to review those papers to make sure that he was doing what he said he was doing, and not simply spying on his underlings or anything else corrupt, after some suspicions were raised about his conduct. Republicans are refusing to turn over the paperwork for review.

By itself it just sounds like a beaurocratic political nightmare that is complicated for the sake of being complicated. Unfortunately, it is really just part of a trend, part of a whole larger problem. Larger than corruption and political disagreements... it is simply that our government is not working together.

We do not have a government that works as one large business with rules and regulations that everyone must follow, it is more akin to two large competing companies forced to work in the same building. Each one constantly trying to get the edge over the other one, knowing full well that if they get the edge, they have the monopoly. (having pushed every other business almost completely out of the picture already)

Every week there is a new story of one party pushing for this, or one party pushing for that, one section of the government needs to run an internal affairs investigation on an individual who may have performed misconduct, and an entire party blocks the retrieval of any of the evidence. It`s fu*king constant. And it`s all done legally. No one gets thrown in jail for withholding evidence; it`s just a big political argument until everyone forgets. How insane is that? We don`t have a functioning government anymore; we have a constant power-struggle between different perspectives of what is the correct way to be corrupt, greedy, and morally controlling. And that`s only between elections.

The government is officially too corrupt to function. Government spending is always way higher than it should be, simply because senators and representatives need to continually give to their districts in order to get votes. If they don`t get more money for their state to spend, the state will vote for someone who does. Lobbyists control government decisions and political positions. The correct decision isn`t what is best for everyone; it is what makes the people who are getting you votes, filthy rich. Deregulation helps absolutely no one in the long run, but lobbyists can push political candidates to change regulations to make a few men rich in order to gain votes and support. War feeds our military industrial complex. Our economy can no longer stay afloat in long periods of peace and prosperity because so many of our jobs and spending is in war machines. World peace and disarmament would mean massive unemployment and starvation in America. Explain to me how we could have let this happen.


We buy and sell fear by the pound. Fear`s net worth is probably somewhere in the billions, going for about 97.63 a share. We buy fear of unemployment, of social collapse, of political violence, of massive overthrow, massive destruction, and eternal damnation. Fear obscures truth and importance. If I make you afraid of clowns, I can charge you to protect you from them. If I make you afraid you might lose your job, I can convince you to make decisions that are a detriment to other people, and even you in the long run, and if it guarantees you I have enough money for your next few paychecks. If it is your job to build the weapons against the clowns, I own you.

The internal government power struggle is based primarily on two sides arguing over what we should fear. Roosevelt is dead and even he didn`t really get it. So we`re left with deciding what to be afraid of. I`m personally afraid of clowns.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...