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Published:December 20th, 2006 13:17 EST
Congressional Book of the Month Club- Now that Congress Convened

Congressional Book of the Month Club- Now that Congress Convened

By Will Roberts

Well we are in the full swing of the holiday shopping season, and with our government spending our money like they got a new credit card with an open-line of credit, I thought that I would give you all a glimpse at some of the best buys for our American dollar. However, if you are from Europe, then this is a chance to double your dollar.  Buy American and that is our present to you folks overseas, which may break the myth that money doesn’t grow on trees, Christmas trees that is.

Now some thoughts for you looking to buy a good book, we have the Congressional Book of the Month Club, which officially started Saturday, December 9.  This appears to coincidentally fall on the same day as the Congress convened. Or, maybe it isn’t a coincidence after all.  See it seems as though the Capitol Hill Book Club has been bending the quill into the wee hours.  Let a politician know they won’t be coming back and you just launched their book tour. Some politicians make money off being crooked. Other makes money writing about them.  The last bell has rung for these Washington coots, they are singing like mocking birds with a tall-tale to tell.

A sad fact: There are more books out about this current administration than any other in history – it makes the encyclopedia look like the Reader’s Digest.

The President even has a book he was directly responsible for, the Baker and Hamilton Report, which sounds like a cookbook for 79 recipes for success.   But there are no promises of getting Bush to sign it as a souvenir until after the first of the year.  Even then, he might still be a little reluctant to put his name to it.

If all goes as planned the Democrats will ship a few thousand of these books to our troops some time after the first of the year, and they can get all their fellow troops to sign it like a year book, times 4.

Though, I can’t really blame our Commander and Chief after all. Training our troops to go any way but forward would be, well, backwards.
I have a plan, but you will have to wait until Christmas until I open that box.

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