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Published:January 11th, 2007 06:32 EST
Will Says...Watch it Democrats!  No false moves

Will Says...Watch it Democrats! No false moves

By Will Roberts

I was looking over the last few months of my Weekly Telegrams, and I see that I have been a little heavy-handed on the Republicans. Now, I am not opposed to doing the same thing to the Democrats. And, the next few months might even-out my repertoire.  Watch it Democrats!  No false moves.  We got ya covered. But you see, it’s just that the Republicans have spent a lot of money (our money) on this War’s marketing plan. If you spent as much as they have, well, you would want a huge return on your investment. So, look at my last few months of stories as a way to give the Republicans the attention they . . . paid for.  
Now, the big deal right now is what Bush is going to say to us about his New Plan (a.k.a., The New Speil).  As much as we all want to know this plan, I don’t think anyone is waiting on the edge of their seats with baited breath to see what direction our President will go.  The Dancing with the Stars finale rerun would probably get more viewership than this canned plan we will all hear about in the morning paper. This Republican plan should not come as a big surprise to us because there is one thing our President has been, that is, consistent, consistently predictable. Expecting him to save face with an “about face” is like asking our troops on the front-line to start using conflict resolution on the enemy . . . it’s too late. 

Now, I thought I would end my story on a kind WORD to the Republicans …Schwarzenegger!

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