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Published:January 13th, 2007 14:00 EST
Dear God: Please Send Global Warming ASAP!

Dear God: Please Send Global Warming ASAP!

By John Lillpop

Just scrambled from out of doors down here in San Jose where the bitter wind and cold bring back awful memories of night baseball at Candlestick park in San Francisco in July or August.

Of course, the wicked wind and cold are all the fault of G.W. Bush.

Because of environmental concerns, one can no longer toss a log or two into the fireplace to generate heat. Sweaters, jackets, gloves, ear muffs, headscarves, and windbreakers come, at least partially, from animals butchered by right-wing capitalists. So they are out!

What, then, is one to do?

How about praying for a good blast of global warming right about now? Make that prayer to a non-denominational, non-offensive god, of course!