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Published:January 15th, 2007 09:21 EST
Is Sleeping with a Kennedy un-American?

Is Sleeping with a Kennedy un-American?

By John Lillpop

Is Sleeping with a Kennedy un-American?

What is causing certain powerful Republicans to jump into bed with members of the Kennedy clan?

First, it was George W. Bush who, at least metaphorically, cuddled with the Chappaquiddick Anti-lifeguard, also known as Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.).

This Bush-Kennedy mini-group of Alcoholics Anonymous conspired to bring America "No Child Left Behind," which has added nothing but unproductive meddling by incompetent bureaucrats.

Out in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger`s rendezvous with a Kennedy has probably been more intimate, owing to the fact that the Terminator married Maria Shriver whose mother was a Kennedy.

The result has seen Arnold abandon his "moderate" stance in favor of a more "progressive" agenda on issues such as the environment and socialized health care.

Arnold`s latest kafuffle involves a scheme that would mandate health care insurance for all Californians, including those in America illegally.

Known among those who revel in the truth as "No Wetback Left Behind," the Schwarzenegger plan is a potpourri of socialist pap, "free market" double talk, and economic voodoo.

This socialist-inspired manifesto would send small-to-medium sized businesses scrambling to other American states in order to outsource labor needs

California would lose thousands of jobs, but remain stuck with illegal aliens because of the state`s foolish policy of providing benefits to those who do not belong in the country, much less being entitled to public services.

Schwarzenegger`s experience proves once again that sleeping with a Kennedy relative can ruin one`s perspective, wipe out all the common sense that one was born with, and is downright un-American!

Make no mistake about it: Providing health care to illegal aliens is immoral, unfair, and, yes, un-American!

Consider the facts:

Scores of hospitals and medical clinics across the nation have been forced to close because of illegal aliens who cannot, or will not, pay for services received.

Although illegal aliens do not pay for their medical care, Mexicans manage to send about $30-40 billion dollars a year back to Mexico.

So, in effect, American taxpayers are subsidizing health care for illegal aliens so that the invaders can send their money out of the American economy to Mexico, while bankrupting American facilities built for taxpaying Americans!

Why in the world does our government allow such an outrageous practice to continue? Why are monies being sent to Mexico not seized and used to pay for medical services received by illegal aliens?

Even more pertinent: Why is California`s Republican governor advocating a plan that will cause millions of additional illegal aliens to invade America and California?

Why not work to enact legislation that would cause illegal aliens to self-deport back to Mexico?

Come on, Arnold: Do what is right for California--even if you have to sleep on the couch for a few nights!