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Published:January 20th, 2007 12:10 EST
Dear Ms. Perino, It's Speaker Pelosi

Dear Ms. Perino, It's Speaker Pelosi

By Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

danap.gifEach human face has its own climate and weathers. We respond not so much to the cut of another’s face as its micro-expressions. And so it is with speech. Words have their spectra of subtleties and so do tones. We overlook such distinctions at our peril. We may hear the words but miss the body language. We may applaud a conclusion but miss the way it was arrived at. Our transactions with each other are not unlike a tromp in the woods. We come home thinking we’ve had a great time, but in fact we’re tick-bitten and have contracted Lyme disease.

Last Friday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Bush is rushing more troops into battle in Iraq, betting Congress won’t cut off funds once our soldiers are in harm’s way. The deputy presidential spokesperson, Dana M. Perino, responded that Mrs. Pelosi’s remarks were “poisonous.” Nothing remarkable there. Poison is cheap in Washington. What is remarkable is that Ms. Perino (inset), from her aerie at Bamboozle Central, formerly called The White House, referred to the speaker as Pelosi, not Speaker Pelosi, not Congresswoman Pelosi, not even Mrs. Pelosi, but plain Pelosi, as if the speaker didn’t deserve the honorific the people have clearly given her. I call this contempt for ordinary civility poisonous.

We’re trying to bring up our children to be respectful to each other. We’re trying to nurture a society in which we’re all respectful to each other. We’ve just sent a message to Washington that we want both parties to work together for our mutual good. And here we have somebody in the highest place in the country refusing to grant her proper title to the first woman in our history to become speaker of the House of Representatives. And who is withholding this respect? Regretfully, another woman.