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Published:January 22nd, 2007 16:01 EST
Elect-ability - Money Raising Ability!

Elect-ability - Money Raising Ability!

By Will Roberts


Well, we are “off to the races" again.  Normally, that means that the race is about to begin. The bell rings and a shot is fired into the air. However, hold your horses, or should I say, hold your Donkeys and Elephants, because it seems as though the 2008 race is gathering a lot of momentum and it has not even started yet.  Or, has it?  

Below is a to-do list for all who seem so set on running. So, if you too, are thinkin’ about throwing your hat in the ring because you don’t want to be left behind as a result of this latest trend, then this is a must read for you.  So, before you saddle up your horse, this is what you need.
1. Find someone to fill out all of the paperwork, and possibly hide some past paperwork, photos, as well as some money that had been stored in a freezer.

2. Put together an Exploratory Committee to "test the waters." Though, I am not sure how much validity I would give committees right now. The last time we put together a posse to evaluate our government actions (Baker-Hamilton Commission) we did not run with it, well we did, and it was just the other way.

3. Figure out the Campaign Trail and get those baby-holdin’ and handshakin’ muscles in shape. Oh, and I can’t forget those facial muscles for all those speeches they will need to sit through with a smile.

4. Raise $100–500M to kick the Campaign in gear (or else you’ll have to thaw out that money from Step 1.)  However, if you had that much money I would not run for office I would just fix it up . . . now that is an idea.

The key to having a good image in politics is having the money to back it up. Look at the Independents; they have passion and no money. Passion buys you followers, but not voters.

My advice to aspiring politicians is: If you don’t have at least $100M and a great fan base, then spend your money on your community. It is far better to spend the money somewhere like your hometown.  That might get you a statue or a street named after you in the end, as opposed to just spending all those dollars on an ego trip.  Bon Voyage! 

Okay folks, remember it is still an open field for 2008, so anyone still has a chance, and maybe even you.  Tune in tomorrow and we will begin to look at some of the candidates getting the most press, and those that are not getting much at all!