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Published:January 23rd, 2007 13:30 EST
Don't Misunderestimate Texans!

Don't Misunderestimate Texans!

By John Lillpop

Just outside the "Not OK Corral" in downtown Crawford, Texas, Dubya Bush and Dick, his gun-slinging sidekick, prepare to defend the corral and America against dangerous enemies who would destroy our way of life.

What enemies, you ask?

Islamofascists intent on turning all of Texas into radioactive dust for the next nine millennia? Or illegal aliens coming to steal health care, education, food stamps, and the like from American taxpayers?

Wrong on both counts, partner.

Dubya and Dick have a much more formidable foe on their hands. Namely, an aspiring presidential team comprised of a female liberal named Clinton, and a half-black liberal named Obama!

Given their druthers, these two Democrat anarchists would wreak havoc on America, and take over the house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from Dubya and Dick.

But, fret not, America! Our heroes are up to the challenge and carry a photo of Saddam's dead head as proof of their mettle and macho.

Dubya and Dick challenge liberals and other wretched enemies of America with these words: Don't misunderestimate Texans!