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Published:January 23rd, 2007 14:30 EST
Rundown of Political Animals for 2008

Rundown of Political Animals for 2008

By Will Roberts

When we last spoke, I told you that I would give you the rundown on the political animals in this race. Now, let’s treat this like a horserace for the sake of gambling.  Actually, that is exactly what politics is anyway. The only real difference is the gambling happens after the race is over and the long shots are already in office.

We spend all of our time trying to get the inside scoop on what actions our thoroughbreds are going to make. We watch every move they make, how the train, who trains them, what they eat, and who will be their running mates. This is all so we can say we picked the winners and when they win, we stand behind them for the next four years. But, if they make a mistake, we send them out to pasture.

Now, I couldn’t possibly give you the scoop of the overall field (but, as of August 2006, 75 people had already registered for the 2008 elections and none are considered major candidates).   Here are some of my best odds and long shots. But, don’t run to a phone and call your bookie and bet the farm just yet.  This is one wager they would probably not take, even if your horse were on the bit.

For those of you that are new at this, we will use horseracing terms as opposed to political terms because no one gets what politicians are saying anyways, not even themselves.
Let us start with the even money bet.  However, heed this warning: The odds change all the way up to the time that they drop the gate.  So, what is easy money today?  It’s a week’s worth of wages tomorrow, so be careful.

Senator Hillary Clinton (DEM):
She should be a good runner and has a history of other runners in the family, namely, Slick Willie, a stud male who is very popular with the crowds and may overshadow Hillary’s chances of winning.  Hillary Clinton’s poll ratings are not good to start with.  Fifty-two percent say they might consider her, 29% cited a belief that she cannot win the presidency, and 26% disagree with her on issues. But, then again, we are working off a 31% approval rating with our current president.  
Some say she has a cold, hard-edged image and needs to start changing it. I say, “That is fine if we are looking for someone to tell us a bedtime story, but we are not!”

Barack Obama (DEM):
This young inexperienced male is not an even money bet; however, he is a favorite. Obama is our “Mr. Smith goes to Washington.” Although the odds are very good on this one, he seems to go up and down in the polls.  Good looking, smart, seems to have the stamina, but he still does not have the ground time to show us that he knows what to do with the win if he gets it. The only other possible point against Obama is that he is a smoker. However, politicians have had smoke screens for as long as we can remember.

My take on this one: Normally, I would say to run this one a little more to get the bugs out. However, the iron is hot, Barack Obama is such a “white-hot political property” (I grabbed that quote from USA) he is what I call a favorite long shot.

Now mind you, these runners could change if their Exploratory Committee says they are not popular enough to get the votes. Or, we can look at it, as one would, an investment. If no one wants them, no one will pay for them.  A candidate cannot just run with the slogan: “I raised a lot of campaign money, but I lack common cents.”

Below I have a list of other hopefuls, and as the weeks go on, I will share my thoughts on the others in the field unless they break a leg and we have to put them out of their misery . . . Therrreeee OFF!


Senator John Edwards of North Carolina (DEM)

Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas (Exploratory Committee) (REP)

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York (Exploratory Committee) (REP)

Senator John McCain of Arizona (Exploratory Committee) (REP)

Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts (Exploratory Committee) (REP)


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