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Published:January 31st, 2007 05:15 EST
 Can a Sitting President Pardon Himself?

Can a Sitting President Pardon Himself?

By John Lillpop

Power mad Democrats are celebrating their return to majority status by planning the most intrusive campaign of "oversight" in the history of the republic.

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid apparently smell presidential blood in the Potomac. In other words, the weasels and snakes in the Democrat leadership see a very weak and vulnerable president, and are most eager to score political points by rushing in for the kill.

Indeed, the leftists plan to question everything that the Bush administration has done over the past six years. No doubt these enemies of America will even strive to uncover dirt from the personal lives of George Bush and Dick Cheney as well.

Pelosi, Reid et al. will do anything to keep the administration from winning the war on terror, and from effectively managing the affairs of the nation. As usual, Democrats have no ideas or plans; their entire strategy is based on obstructing those who do.

In fact, listen closely to any Democrat these days and you are sure to hear the word "oversight" mentioned over and over again. Oversight, oversight, and more oversight!

Just how pervasive is "oversight mania" in Washington, D.C.?

Beltway insider Opel Bijiquiovarti, speaking on condition of anonymity, has surreptitiously reviewed the purchasing records of the 110th Congress and has unearthed a startling fact:

Even though they have been in power for less than a month, Democrats have ordered more blank subpoena forms than were procured during the entire previous six years combined!

Bijiquiovarti claims that Democrats will spend more money on blank subpoenas than any U.S. Congress in history, including the Democrat renegades that jettisoned President Richard Nixon out of town in 1974.

Fueled by an endless supply of hatred and venom, Pelosi and Reid have their various committees and inquiry panels scheduled to make the next two years the most difficult encountered by any president in U.S. history.

The chief objective is to "get" Bush and Cheney, even if the war on terror, economic growth, foreign policy, and homeland security initiatives suffer.

Nothing is more important than getting Bush and Cheney to power mad Democrats.

As Pelosi and Reid endeavor to destroy Bush, professionally and personally, the president would be well advised to have his legal team research a question that may be vital to Mr. Bush's future: Namely, can a sitting president pardon himself?

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal, "clean and sober" since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are considered reasonable!