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Published:February 4th, 2007 06:50 EST
 Dear John McCain: The Check is NOT in the mail!

Dear John McCain: The Check is NOT in the mail!

By John Lillpop

February 3, 2007

Senator John McCain
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator McCain,

Enclosed herewith please find your "Presidential Agenda Survey." You will note that the survey has not been completed.

You will also note that I have not enclosed a donation to your campaign.

In all honesty, Senator, I was very disappointed to see that the issue of illegal immigration is very last on your list, while border security is next to last. It is as if these issues were after thoughts, included only to fill the page.

Clearly, you do not fully appreciate the gravity of these issues, particularly to conservatives.

Perhaps I am being naive. After all, you conspired with Ted Kennedy in crafting the amnesty bill passed by the Senate last May 25.

That bill, in my opinion, is an outrageous sell out of American sovereignty, language, and culture to third-world criminals who have invaded America and who have no basis for being here.

Senator, with all due respect, how can America claim to be serious about the war on terror when our borders are not secured?

How can any elected official who has taken an oath to defend and protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, refuse to demand enforcement of ALL U.S. laws, including those pertaining to immigration?

To be perfectly blunt, I would vote for you without the slightest hesitation--were it not for your outrageous (again, my view) position on illegal immigration.

Many conservatives and Republicans agree with me.

Senator McCain, you are a genuine war hero! No one contests that.

I thank you for your incredible service to America while in the armed forces. No one in American politics even approaches your sterling record of dedicated military service.

At the same time, it must be recognized that the America that you fought for, and sacrificed so much to preserve, exists only because we live under the rule of law.

Your sacrifices will be meaningless if the rule of law is abandoned, as will be the case if our borders and laws are not enforced!

America does NOT need immigration reform. However, we desperately need a president and Congress who will enforce our borders and existing laws. And we need a government that will work on behalf of the American people, rather than for invading criminals.

In closing, I cannot honestly wish you good fortune in your presidential bid. A McCain administration, given your current positions on illegal immigration, would be nearly as problematic for America as a Hillary Clinton administration.

Except for the fact that Hillary is a heck of a lot easier on these aging eyes.

I do wish you good health and success in the career of your choice, provided it does not involve America's borders or immigration laws.

Should you unexpectedly alter you views, I would be delighted to re-consider your candidacy, complete that Presidential Agenda Survey," and perhaps even make a donation!


John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California