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Published:March 9th, 2007 07:00 EST
Freedom of ______, You fill in the blank!

Freedom of ______, You fill in the blank!

By Will Roberts

(This is a transcript of the audio version)

Being on the road as much as I am, the Internet is the best way for me to keep informed. All I know is what little I read on the Internet. In the past two weeks, I`ve been through four states (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Georgia).

My travels as a rope-spinning humorist allows me to go wherever anyone still likes a cowboy (that can put a spin on things). This, I tell you, my friends, is becoming few and far between. Well now anyhow, I seem to be rambling on so I best be getting to the point. I don`t want be accused of WASTING your time, or WASTING my life away writing senseless dribble, or WASTING my education on this little hobby of mine, or Wasting Away in Margarettaville " for that matter.

Seems to me, we might want to stop using the word WASTE ".  No more wasting " our time, waste " is our new four letter word ". Ya see, certain politicians have been using this word to describe the loss of folk`s lives in Iraq. Little did they know that using that word would be so hurtful. My only response to that is Sorry but the truth hurts, doesn`t it? " It`s always a waste " when we don`t eat what others don`t have or we don`t use talents we have been given or someone DIES before their time.  Seems our freedom of speech has been cut down at the knees and it would be best described as "freedom to say whatever we want as long as everyone agrees with our words."  

If we start attacking ALL our words, we might have to talk to Webster about updating more often. It`s getting so hard to express one-self now a days that when I walk down the street I don`t know whether to say good day ladies ", or girls " or women ". If I say what I think the politically correct want me to say (like "good day females") folks would think I`m ill. I will continue to THINK things are a waste " until we figure what word we should replace it with.

P.S. Isn`t it funny that it was politicians that made the remarks and other politicians that objected to their usage. Hmmmm?? I smell an election year coming. Hey politicians "get back to work and stop wasting " our time"


A word to the wise, IF the word you want to use is not in Webster`s you might just want to find another word. Mrs. Ann Coulter,  A bundle of sticks " is one definition for the choice word you used to describe the presidential candidate. However, maybe it was not the best choice for expressing your freedom of speech.