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Published:March 29th, 2007 13:02 EST
The Election Illusion

The Election Illusion

By Joey Liam

The upcoming elections in the Philippines are similar to a circus show in a well-covered arena.  Everybody buys a ticket to get in but they do not really know what is in store for them inside.  The shows are deemed magical and enthralling but not every part of the program will please the probing public eye.  Observants will spring like flies and will find ways to determine the flaws of the pre-organized scheme.  In the end, illusion will be revealed and the audience will realize that the show is just a waste of time, money, and energy " an empty promise from an inveterate politician who disguises himself/herself as the ringmaster. 
Stop, and look at the list of candidates and what do you see? Just about everybody joins the bandwagon in this upcoming general election.  People from all walks of life file their candidacy with the Commission on Election and are all juiced up for the challenge of their oppositions.  Many political hopefuls range from actors, musicians, pugilists, military servicemen, to priests " all going for that sweet victory to be decided by the voting public. 
While it is true that an individual can run for a government office upon meeting certain qualifications and requirements that does not mean that, this person can tame politics, which is a very different beast.  It is no elephant, tiger, or a monkey.  Politics has its own psyche, and one, which cannot be easily unraveled and discerned. Even the most seasoned competitors of this stoic contest have had difficulties in strategizing a victory; for some of them, the only way to acquire the office is to utilize illegal means such as vote buying, red taping, and at worst, assassinating the rival politician. 
Unfortunately, the common masa " (people) are duped by the glamour of these politicians.  In most cases, the candidate`s popularity is the deciding factor in obtaining the support and votes of the former. Showbiz people and sports icons are mainstays of the circus show as we all know it now " politics. Such campaigners need not to worry about money because endorsement deals come knocking at their doors after filing their candidacy. They have the machinery to control the votes and the eloquence to poison the minds of the poor citizens of the land. 
However, where are the bona fide contenders? Are they not the ones people want to see perform? Where have the true ringmasters gone? Other beasts have been feasting on the young and tender hearts of the simple so we definitely need the authentic gladiators to end this pathetic spectacle. 
It is a good thing that even the youth has joined the show. There is a variety of youth party lists to choose from in this election season. New movements and young faces are gathering speed to squash the trapos " (traditional politicians) and end their boisterous domination in the government. 
So this upcoming election, do not be part of the illusion. There are choices to be made, and triumph to be prized. It is up to you now to change the rotten system and turn over the show back to the genuine ringmaster. Let the unqualified hopefuls remain as such while the people enjoy the excellent performance and opulence of the worthy statesmen and stateswomen in ruling our government. Illusion can now be turned into reality, and this can be achieved by making the right decision; vote wisely and let your inner voice be heard!