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Published:April 4th, 2007 05:17 EST
Fuel Distribution Improves in Iraqi

Fuel Distribution Improves in Iraqi

By SOP newswire

TIKRIT — Iraqi provincial, security and oil officials organized an unprecedented one-day delivery of nearly 5 million liters of petroleum products to Ninewa Province Monday.

After months of unsuccessful or inadequate fuel deliveries from the Bayji Oil Refinery, 135 fuel tankers carrying approximately 36,000 liters of benzene, diesel or kerosene products each were convoyed, under Iraqi Army escort, from the refinery to multiple fuel distribution centers in Mosul, Iraq.

“Planned, organized, coordinated, secured and led by Iraqis from start to finish, this fuel delivery operation demonstrates how positive Iraqi leadership can overcome the influences of corruption and crime, which has plagued the oil distribution systems of northern Iraq [in the past],” said U.S. Army Col. Gary Patton, Chief of Staff for Multi-National Division-North. “This is a significant milestone for the Iraqi people.”

As the Iraqi government begins to weed out corruption and secure the population, provincial leaders of Ninewa Province have taken the lead and ensured Iraqi citizens are adequately supplied with petroleum products.

Not only does petroleum create diesel for fuel and kerosene to heat homes, petroleum also creates benzene, which is necessary to make certain plastics, nylon, some types of rubber, lubricants and pesticides.

“The governor of Ninewa has made concerted efforts to ensure his people’s allocation of fuel is safely delivered to the Mosul distribution plant,” said U.S. Army Maj. Dale Snider, deputy for the 25th Infantry Division Engineers.  “This is a much needed surge of fuel products to the Ninewa Province after months of shortages.”

The Iraqi Army chief of staff and division commanders were involved in the coordination and execution of the endeavor and plan to implement this procedure for other northern provinces in weeks ahead to ensure adequate fuel distribution.

While Iraqi government officials are making progress in defeating corruption, Iraqi citizens are progressing toward maintaining security in local communities.

(Courtesy story by Multi-National Division-North)