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Published:April 11th, 2007 08:02 EST

Rooting out the terrorists

By SOP newswire

TIKRIT — Iraqi and Coalition forces began major operations to root out known terrorists at Mujamma and Ad Dawr, Iraq, March 28.

Anti-Iraqi forces in the area used the town as a safe haven while orchestrating attacks against the towns’ people and Iraq security forces such as an attack on the Ad Dawr police headquarters, which left 12 Iraqi policemen killed and 22 wounded.

Iraqi Soldiers and Coalition troops from Task Force Loyalty established a city-wide cordon and 24-hour curfew, then began round-the-clock presence along the Tigris River and in small villages to the east of Ad Dawr, conducting raids and patrols.

“The citizens of Ad Dawr and Mujamma Housing Complex have endured long enough,” said U.S. Army Maj. Christopher Moretti, an executive officer in Task Force Loyalty.

The Iraqi Army, Police and the cities’ Joint Coordination Center worked together to provide food, fuel and medical care on a daily basis to ensure its citizens well-being while confined to the city. 

The Iraqi policemen provided checkpoint security and escorted trucks with humanitarian aid, while Iraqi Army and Coalition forces conducted combat operations.

Iraqi security forces agreed to conduct joint patrols to re-establish security and credibility with the local citizens. Coalition forces remained in the city to continue patrols and joint operations with Iraqi Army troops.

“It is time for the Iraqi Army and Police to work together and take charge of the security situation,” said Moretti.

The joint operation also yielded more than 150 detainees, which are in Iraqi Army and Coalition custody.

Numerous weapons caches including large numbers of various mortar rounds, automatic machineguns, remote detonation devices and other types of explosives have been discovered throughout the operation.

There has been no Iraqi Army, Coaltion or civilian casualties during the operation.  Two insurgents sustained injuries.

“We are not here to cut the branches from the tree; we are here to pull the roots out from the ground,” Moretti said.

“Task Force Loyalty is here to facilitate cooperation between the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police and Joint Coordination Center for the benefit of the proud and honorable citizens of Ad Dawr and Mujamma,” he said. 

(Courtesy story of Multi-National Division-North)