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Published:April 11th, 2007 14:22 EST
UCF Students Leaning to the Right

UCF Students Leaning to the Right

By Mary-Elizabeth Hittel

Five out of 10 UCF students say they will vote for Republican Rudolph Giuliani in the 2008 presidential election.

Students cite Giuliani`s intelligence, experience and compassion. Kenny Gonzales, a junior and finance major said: "I like Giuliani. He has a good history of service for this country."

Freshmen business majors Matt Sonnenfeld and Nick Szust agree that Giuliani has more experience and did a good job handling the attacks in New York. "I would favor Giuliani (for president) because of the way he handled the Sept. 11 attacks," Sonnenfield said. Szust added that he thinks Giuliani would be good for the country. "I know with him the country would be taken care of, so I`m leaning toward voting for Giuliani," Szust said.

"Three students had no opinion. I`m not informed enough on any of the people or their policies," said Tara-Lyn Henningsen, a sophomore criminal justice major. Sophomore marketing major Barry Elwonger said: "I have no opinion. I haven`t paid enough attention to what is going on to have one." Annikki Laine, a sophomore psychology and business major agreed. "I`m just not informed enough to decide," she said.

Three students say they will vote for either Sen. Hillary Clinton D-N.Y., or Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill. "I like Hillary," said Kara Walther, a sophomore communicative disorders major. "She`s a woman, and I think it is time for this country to try something new." Both Mackenzie Clarke, senior language arts education major and Kenny Gonzales agreed that Obama would be a good choice. "I like his ideals," Clarke said.