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Published:April 16th, 2007 10:37 EST
UCF Pre-Election Opinions

UCF Pre-Election Opinions

By Ileana Llorens

Six out of 10 UCF students say that they do not know enough about the U.S. presidential candidates to make an educated decision.

A majority of students at the University of Central Florida said it is too early to select a favorite.

“There’s so much slander now,” Kasib Brown a junior pre-med major said. “Everyone’s just talking down to each other. I’ll wait until they do the debates. That’s when we can get our information.”

Chris Darling, a senior history major said the campaigning is still new and confusing. He explained, “I’m Republican and I haven’t heard much about the party. I’ve only been hearing about the Democrats.”

Of the students who favored a candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D.-Ill., was the favorite. “I like everything that I’ve heard about him,” Max Case, a freshmen English literature major, said. Andrew Armstrong, a sophomore information technology major agrees. He said, “If I had to pick now, I’d pick Obama. All the other candidates don’t have anything I agree with.”

Others only know whom they do not support. “I can tell you who I’m not voting for- Hillary Clinton,” Ryan Doheny a sophomore civil engineering major said. She seems to be in the election for herself, he explained. Andrew Armstrong, a sophomore information technology major has also eliminated Clinton. “I don’t think the country is ready for a woman president,” he said.