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Published:April 22nd, 2007 10:06 EST
Rally the Troops-- It's McCain Time

Rally the Troops-- It's McCain Time

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Early morning crowd welcomes presidential hopeful

Greenville, SC - United States Senator John McCain looked fit and rested today as he stood before an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in Greenville, SC.  The Republican presidential hopeful greeted the crowd with vigor and warmth. 

“I am proud to be amongst you." Senator McCain said, after introducing his lovely wife, Cindy, and SC Senator Lindsey Graham.  The reception he received from the morning crowd indicated they were glad to see him.  

“We are in a war in two countries against global extremists who despise us," McCain told his supporters.  A Vietnam prisoner of war for many years, McCain made reference to recent comments by Congressional Democratic majority leader, Harry Reid, who announced April 19, “I believe that the war is lost . . . "

“If the war is lost," queried McCain, “then, who won?"  He then went on to say he believes that to withdraw American forces from Iraq at this time would leave the country in a tragic state of chaos.  He warned that if US troops withdraw, the terrorist will “. . . follow us home.  It is us they are after." 

The Senator from Arizona went on to discuss his disgust with government waste and pork project spending.  As an example, McCain called to mind the $223 million Congress approved to build a bridge in Ketchikan, Alaska later dubbed “the bridge to nowhere."

As to the state of affairs in the capitol, the presidential hopeful mentioned the disgraced former U.S. representative from California, Randy “Duke" Cunningham, who was sentenced to more than eight years in prison for accepting bribes.  Asking, “How?" and “Why?" this happens, McCain pledged to end it by reforming the “practice of government." 

McCain made note of the difficulties fellow Senator Lindsey Graham has encountered with Washington Democrats.  He promised that, if elected, he would reach across the aisle to Democrats, but McCain also made it clear, “They have to reach out their hand to me." 

In closing, John McCain told the attentive crowd he is not the youngest, but that he is the most experienced candidate for the job.  McCain declared, “I’m not running for president to be somebody but to do something."