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Published:April 25th, 2007 04:01 EST
War is over if we want it over!

War is over if we want it over!

By Suren Hossein

Twenty-five years ago, my uncle told me, I am feeling sympathy for European people who were bombarded by Nazis. "

Imagine: you sit at home watching TV and enemy planes bombard you. No, no this is too awful to even imagine. Thank God, the world together fought the Nazis and that the European people were freed.

Europeans now experience a safe life unlike so many people, like we Iranians, who encounter death daily. To see scenes of bleeding and injured Iranian people dying on the roads in our war-torn regions, I am reminded of the suffering of the many European people.  Of course, it is good to remind myself of this.

Do you know we Iranians have experienced war? Maybe you never suffered a war-- the agony and torture.  Perhaps you have never had a bomb touch your life. We have experienced this, though.

I remember Iraqi planes flying in our sky at nighttime and, as children, we counted these planes. I have seen searchlights of investigation planes shine on the walls of our home while together my family was shaking in the cellar.

Iran has endured so many missiles, which flew with white smoke through our sky and destroyed my homeland and my fellow citizens.

Once an Iraqi missile fell down on our neighbor`s house, God be blessed, no one was there. I keep a part of that missile which flew through our roof as a souvenir "it crashed through our roof and melted my mother`s baskets.

These days, President George W. Bush thinks he can establish the peace in the Middle East yet he cannot stop a crazy killer who did this awful massacre at Virginia Technical College. President Bush is like a father who cannot manage his family but is determined to calm quarrels next door. He wants to find the terrorist, but what he does not know is the terrorist is not a person, it is an idea.

In the aftermath of the violent brutality of the Nazis, Germany knows peace and safety.  Now it is time to allow the Iranian people to enjoy such peace, security and calmness.

I want to see Iranian children run, hop, play as other free, and safe children play.  However, I see so many broken and disabled children because of this senseless war.

Damn war! Yes, I am afraid of war. I fear planes, tanks, and weapons of destruction. You may not have experienced war or lost your family because of war; but I have seen countless fathers never again come home to hug their children.

Please join me as I shout, War is over if we want it over! "