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Published:May 10th, 2007 04:01 EST
Three Secret Cell Terrorists Killed in Air strike

Three Secret Cell Terrorists Killed in Air strike

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed three terrorists and detained four suspected terrorists Thursday morning during raids in Sadr City.

The individuals targeted during the raid are suspected members of a secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.

Upon arrival at the targeted area, ground forces received small arms fire from two separate buildings. Coalition Forces, using appropriate self-defense measures, returned fire and engaged the armed terrorists.

Despite efforts to subdue the armed terrorists, Coalition Forces continued to receive enemy fire.  Using appropriate escalation of force to react to the perceived threat, Coalition Forces called for close air support, killing three armed terrorists.

During the course of the morning’s operations, Coalition Forces targeted a concentration of buildings associated with the terrorist network, detaining four suspected terrorists during the raids.  Three Iraqi civilians were also injured during the operation.  The three injured individuals received medical attention on scene from Coalition Forces.

Intelligence reports also indicate the secret cell has ties to a kidnapping network that conducts attacks within Iraq.

“Coalition forces strike at the terrorists where they hide, not waiting for them to inflict violence on the Iraqi people,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson.  “The Iraqi people continue to reject the methods of the terrorists and choose instead a stable, peaceful Iraq.”


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