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Published:May 18th, 2007 03:25 EST
Whither the Next 20 Million Illegal Aliens?

Whither the Next 20 Million Illegal Aliens?

By John Lillpop

Democrats, RINOs and our addled president may be in a giddy mood if, as is being reported, a deal has been struck on amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens, thereby effectively ending rule of law as a basic governing precept in America.

No doubt many Hispanics are thrilled as well, with visions of remaking America into a Mexico-north cutting off the flow of blood to their craniums, thereby causing foggy thinking, or worse.

Objective historians will no doubt record the Dubya-Kennedy tag team as the one that gave America "No Child Left Behind," followed by the equally noxious "No Mexican Illegal Alien Denied" amnesty of 2007.

One can only hope that future scholars choose to document the fact that both pieces of legislation were crafted by a liberal very much in his cups, and approved by a dyslexic cowboy and former imbiber supposedly in recovery.

Score two for alcohol, and zero for America!

But what happens if the next 12-20 million illegal aliens are not illiterate Latino peasants willing to work for next to nothing and without benefits?

What if educated professionals from around the globe suddenly decide to invade America in pursuit of the American Dream?

For instance, there must be 100 million disaffected Chinese citizens who would love to move to the United States. If only those pesky immigration rules were not in the way!

With the precedent that may be established by the Dubya-Kennedy amnesty scandal, who can argue with any moral or logical conviction that scores of millions of Chinese, Haitians, or Iraqis, or any combination thereof, should not be welcomed into America with open arms and wallets, even if they do come here illegally?

And what of the millions of people from Russia and other nations in the former Soviet Union who continue to suffer in poverty and disadvantage?

Now that America has abandoned all that nonsense about rule of law, borders, and legal immigration, what is stopping 30 or 40 million Ruskies from moving to California, Arizona, and Texas?

Of course, RINOs and big corporate moguls might not be so immigrant-friendly if the illegal aliens insisted on $30/hour rather than the meager pittance commanded by janitors, gardeners and fast-food slaves from Mexico and points south.

Democrats might find open borders, amnesty, and abandonment of rule of law to be a real stinker if the invaders were educated and less vulnerable to liberal propaganda.

For instance, would Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid be so impassioned about a "path to citizenship" if the invaders were overwhelmingly conservative, and likely to swell the ranks of the Republican Party? Me thinks not.

How would Hispanics respond if a border town in Texas became inundated with illegal aliens from Russia who demanded that their children be schooled in their native tongue and that ballots be printed in Russian?

Would the first Russian mayor be celebrated by Hispanics as a shining example of American diversity?

Would Hispanics who became citizens by virtue of the 2007 amnesty be open to the same treatment for those who speak perfect Russian or Chinese, but not a word of Spanish?

Barbara Simpson, a popular conservative radio talk show host in San Francisco, has a saying that sums it up very well: "Be Careful what you pray for. You might just get it!"