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Published:May 19th, 2007 13:00 EST
Giuliani an early favorite for UCF students

Giuliani an early favorite for UCF students

By Hedy Phillips

Five out of 10 University of Central Florida students said they will vote for Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008 because of his success as mayor of New York City.

The five agreed that Giuliani showed great leadership and strength during the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.  Students also said that he has a great history of service to our country.  Junior art major Lynn Coffey added, “He is the only Republican worth voting for.”

Freshmen business majors Matt Sonnenfeld and Nick Szust agreed that Giuliani did a good job leading New York City as mayor and would do an equally good job leading the United States.

Other students were split between Sen. Hillary Clinton, D.-N.Y. and Sen. Barack Obama, D.-Ill. 

Two women said they will vote for Clinton because she is a woman.  Sophomore communicative disorders major Kara Walther said: “Sometimes you have to try new things.  That’s why I want to vote for Hillary.  I think it’s time that we have a woman president.”  Mackenzie Clarke, a senior majoring in language arts education, agreed that a woman president would be a big step for our country.

Amanda Sutton, a senior marketing major, was the only person who said she would vote for Obama.  Sutton said: “I’m from Illinois, so I know very well the good things he has done as senator.  He’s extremely passionate about his views and I agree with a lot of them, especially the issue with energy efficiency.”

Other students said they are undecided.  Sophomore marketing major Barry Elwonger said he has not been paying attention to the election yet.  Sophomore criminal justice major Tara-Lyn Henningsen said she has not heard enough from the candidates to make a final decision.