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Published:May 31st, 2007 07:55 EST
How Do You Say BOO! In Spanish?

How Do You Say BOO! In Spanish?

By John Lillpop

That age-old admonition against casting "pearls before swine" was borne out in spades at the 2007 Miss Universe competition in Mexico earlier this week.

Several hundred Mexican peasants (swine) who have not yet figured out how to invade America vented their frustration at being stranded in the third world cesspool known as Mexico by booing Rachel Smith, Miss America for 2007 (pearl).

The lovely Ms. Smith was booed repeatedly by the raucous thugs, providing a perfect rejoinder against George Bush's naive amnesty argument that goes something like this: America should grant amnesty to 12-30 million more Mexican illegal aliens because they have the same values as we Americans.

Is that really so? I do not know of any good American citizen who would boo a beautiful young lady from a foreign nation who had just suffered the public humiliation of falling on her tush.

Even if she were an ugly, old illegal alien from Mexico who was on welfare and about to deliver an "anchor baby" for U.S. taxpayers to support for 80 years or so.

But then again, we Americans are not swine. At least we on the right are not!

Still, it is understandable that booing is more popular than inflammatory signs or banners south of the border. After all, next to drunken driving, illiteracy is Mexico's favorite national pastime!

Of course, the leftist American media generally rushed to defend the booing Mexicans, while abandoning the tush-bound American.

Those wishing to provide cover for the booing have advanced a variety of explanations:

* Those were not boos, but were demands for "booze" from thirsty Mexicans who had been forced to survive without alcohol for as long as two hours;

* Smith brought the scorn on herself by speaking English, a real no-no in a nation where Spanish and or Mexican are the only two authorized languages;  

* Those chants were actually cheers for President "Boosh," in gratitude for his hair-brained scheme to move the U.S.-Mexican border 400 miles north of Minneapolis-St. Paul in order to legalize all of Mexico in one fell swoop.

According to Dubya, this is good for America because it will eliminate the need for another round of comprehensive immigration reform five years from now when an additional 60 million Mexican illegal aliens will have invaded the U.S.;

* Every one of the boos was richly deserved because of America's racist and bigoted notions on immigration. Actually, this is from Dubya's latest attack on conservatives, those irresponsible rascals who dare to believe that borders, language, culture, and homeland security are more important more than cheap fruit.

And the most logical explanation of all: Those loco Mexicans booed Rachel Smith because of "American envy," a common malady afflicting Mexicans who yearn to live in America and who hate themselves for being born south of the border.

Loco, indeed!