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Published:June 20th, 2007 04:13 EST

Illegal Aliens Deserve Respect? For What?

By John Lillpop

In one of his most nauseating arguments in favor of amnesty, President Bush has taken to arrogantly demanding "respect" for invading criminals.

According to Dubya, we are blessed to have 12-30 million illegal aliens here, and are wrong for treating the criminals like clones of the late Rodney Dangerfield.

Respect them for what, Sir?  Consider the facts. Illegal aliens have:

* Invaded America by ignoring U.S. borders and immigration laws.

* Hampered homeland security and the ability of the federal government to detect and deal with potential terrorists.

* Murdered and or killed 25 Americans every day (on average).

* Plundered public services to which they are not entitled.

* Caused educators to "dumb down" classroom studies in order to accommodate masses of non-English speakers.

* Forced U.S. hospitals and other medical facilities into bankruptcy, thereby making those facilities unavailable to U.S. citizens.

* Managed to send $30-50 billion a year back to Mexico, despite the fact that they cannot or will not pay for medical services received.

* Engaged in wholesale identity theft inflicting great harm to the credit and financial status of millions of innocent Americans.

* Depressed wages and the earning power of American citizens and their families.

* Invaded America for the express purpose of producing "anchor babies" to shield themselves from deportation.

* Refused to learn English.

* Taken over the streets of large U.S. cities in order to demand "rights"to which they are not entitled.

* Waved the Mexican flag and shouted, "Yes, we can!" and "We are America!" in Spanish as they protest the rule of law.

* Turned May 5 into a day known for rampant public drunkenness and violence, rather than celebration of culture and heritage.

* Voted unlawfully in American elections.

And for this they are owed respect?

With all due respect, Mr. President, the only thing America owes any invading criminal is a solid kick in the ass, a one-way trip back to Mexico, and a permanent ban to keep said sleazeball from ever stepping foot in America again!