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Published:July 3rd, 2007 11:35 EST
Turkey in DC, TC-USA PAC

Turkey in DC, TC-USA PAC

By SOP newswire

Over the years supporters of Turkish-American Relations have been concerned that the views of Turkish Americans on major issues affecting their lives are not being heard in the political arena in the US.

Wanting to see Turkish Americans in public office, anyone who supports strong US-Turkish relations have been excited to learn about a recent formation called Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee (TC-USA PAC), a bipartisan entity based in Washington, DC.

TC-USA PAC's immediate objective is to support political candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who are committed to engaging in a meaningful dialogue with Turkish Americans, maintaining a strong US-Turkish relationship and advocating a balanced discussion on the global and regional issues that impact Turkey and US-Turkish relations.

TC-USA PAC's 2007 goal is to contribute $1,000 to each member of the Caucus on US Turkish Relations and Turkish Americans in the US House of Representatives and to other representatives who may not be Caucus members but support US-Turkish relations.  As of today, TC-USA PAC has received contributions to support the campaigns for 25 of the 62 Caucus members.  

TC-USA PAC is set to be an effective voice for the community and they will most benefit from the support of the Turkish-American community. A generous contribution will help TC-USA PAC achieve its objectives and every $1,000 raised will help  support one member of Congress who understands the importance of US-Turkish relations. 

The TC-USA PAC website,, has all the instructions on how to contribute. Contributors must be US citizens or permanent residents (green card holder), and the maximum contribution for an individual per year is $5,000. Corporate contributions are prohibited. The greater number of contributors the stronger the message TC-USA PAC can send to the representatives in Washington, DC, about the importance of good relations with Turkey.

It is worthy of notice that TC-USA PAC's dedication to the Turkish-American cause is apparent in the organization keeping administrative expenses to a minimum, and paying no salaries.

The website also has a list of the members of the Turkish Caucus and the list of contributions that have already been made by TC-USA PAC. To enter the "secured sections" of the website, please send an email to requesting the User ID and Password.

Time is of utmost importance at this critical time in US-Turkish relations. 

Source:Turkuaz, Ayla Tekin