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Published:July 17th, 2007 11:51 EST
Chicken Little or Dress Rehearsal? al Qaeda Operatives Were Planning Something

Chicken Little or Dress Rehearsal? al Qaeda Operatives Were Planning Something

By S Renee Greene

Al Qaeda seems to have America on the run, to hear the media tell it. Word has gone out from the US Government that there is potential penetration by an al Qaeda cell (or cells) that could strike this summer; however, "official concerns" do not seem to be alert to what that attack is or where it might happen. The media treats the "terrorist threat" as if it is a person, a corporate entity, a business operation with a two year, a three year, and a five year business plan -- it`s not. It`s a bunch of people who are flaming mad about one thing or another (those "things" being defined by them at any given point and time) who plan random attacks whenever and wherever they feel like it.

The press reports, "new intelligence suggests a small al Qaeda cell is on its way to the US, or may already be here." Rumor has it that a former FBI agent and ABC "terrorism expert" are analyzing the validity of these threats by stating that the target is a government building. It all sounds like something straight out of a James Bond movie or the plotline for Bourne Supremacy or Enemy of the State. In May of 2001, approximately four months before 9/11, Paul R. Pillar reported, "private business is far more likely to be targeted by terrorists." He stated, "U.S. commercial activity is seen as the leading edge of the American economic and cultural dominance that the terrorists hate so much." He also said, ""businesses are unlikely to get advance warning of specific attacks." (Is the Terrorist Threat Misunderstood? We are all sitting in the position of being armchair or sideline politicians, analysts, and spokespersons. It makes some wonder if the intelligencia has looked into the possibility that "U.S. terrorist operatives" may be testing the waters in order to decide where America`s weak spots are before they do anything at all. The most recent "threat" to Goldman Sachs, amongst many others, is a case in point.

If any al Qaeda operatives were planning on striking, they would not likely show up where they are expected--or is that giving them too much credit? It has been said that they are planning to attack a US military target in Florida and that British Pastor Canon Andrew White spoke of an April discussion with an al Qaeda "representative" who told him "the killing will start in the UK and the US." How gullible is the American public, and who is banking on that gullibility?

So far, we`ve heard that those who declare Jihad are trained "military academy style." The word is out and in the airwaves, all over the transom, that a representative of al Qaeda told White that operations to "infiltrate" the U.S. are underway. Supposedly, intelligence is "decoding emails" in preparation for this pre-staged attack that must occur, for some reason, during the summer. Why do it during the summer? What makes summer a better time of year than any other? Are they "fair-weather" or "sunshine" terrorists only? What is the difference between the terrorist academy class of 2001 and the class of 2007? Where is the news in all of this?

All cynicism aside, what they are telling us fits into a mold that Americans have convinced themselves exists in the remains of the 9/11 attacks. It should be our experience by now that terrorists don`t fit into a mold of any kind. They are subject to change tactics at any time, and strike at any time. Where is central intelligence going with that line of reasoning? If Jihad operatives who have already infiltrated the US (and that`s not hard to believe in this day and age) will soon attack us where is our framework for dealing with it? We certainly have the attention of the conspiracy theorists, if nothing else.

We should all know by now that terrorists, or terrorist cells, attack whenever and wherever they please. No amount of screaming, "the sky is falling" is going to put this in context for us. If al Qaeda is about to attack, then the current imminent threats looming about us are nothing more than a dress rehearsal. Maybe it`s where we`re not looking that we should be paying attention to.

Judging from the past, terrorists have a long gait of patience in their favor"they don`t attack when everyone is looking for and expecting it. Approximately eight years passed between the time they first attempted to bomb the WTC and the time they took it down. We have only to look at our own school shooters to see that the element of surprise is the always the best way to go. If a "next time" is on the way, there will be no advance warning before it comes.