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Published:July 25th, 2007 08:22 EST
U.S ambassador reports on Iraq, Iran talks

U.S ambassador reports on Iraq, Iran talks

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD — U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker held a press conference Tuesday at the Combined Press Information Center.

Crocker shared the results of the second round of discussions about security and stability in Iraq between the U.S., IranIraq. and

“I laid out the principles that govern our relationship with Iraq, our support for the democratically elected government of Iraq and its efforts to establish security and stability throughout the country, our combined vision of an Iraq that is at peace, at home and with its neighbors, that is neither threatened by any outside power nor poses a threat to any outside power," Crocker said.

Crocker went on to say he and Iraqi officials present expressed their concerns over Iranian activities in support of violent militia elements as well as al-Qaeda.

“We made the point that agreement on principle is important and the principal that both Iran and the United States support is a democratic, stable Iraq," Crocker said.

“I was as clear as I could be with the Iranians that this effort, this discussion has to be measured in results, not in principles or promises," said Crocker.

Crocker said although Iran’s prior support of militia activities is clear, Iran agrees that support for a stable democratic Iraq is in the country’s own interest.

“No people have suffered greater harm under Saddam Hussein than the Iraqis themselves, but second only to the Iraqis are the Iranians.  The vicious eight year war that Saddam launched against them has to be something no Iranian will ever forget," said Crocker.

Crocker said what is important now is to continue with serious dialogue on security, focusing on what can be done to make security in Iraq better.

One outcome of Tuesday’s discussions was the potential formation of a security subcommittee that would address security-related issues at an expert level, said Crocker.

“If the Iranians are serious in trying to deal with these issues, a security subcommittee affords them the mechanism to begin taking different kinds of action here," Crocker said.

Results of Tuesday’s meeting will be determined by whether security conditions on the ground in Iraq improve, said Crocker.

“If this dialogue affords [Iran] the opportunity to bring their practice in line with policy it will be a good thing," Crocker said.

(U.S. Army story by Spc. Emily Greene, Combined Press Information Center)