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Published:July 31st, 2007 13:08 EST

Statement by Mikhail Kamynin, the Spokesman of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regarding Kosovo Settlement Problems

By SOP newswire

After the suspension of the debate in UN Security Council of the western draft Kosovo resolution, the Contact Group partners have confirmed their agreement with Russia’s proposal for continued negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina to find a compromise on the status of the province. Russia firmly believes that only such a solution can be approved by the UN Security Council.

The status negotiations can start soon, of course, on the condition of their thorough preparation by the Contact Group. The UN Secretary General is expected to launch this process, which will remain in the UN mainstream, under the control of the UN Security Council.

Russia will join the “troika" of the Russian Federation, European Union and United States, which is being formed by mutual agreement in the CG for the purpose of facilitating the search for agreements between Belgrade and Pristina.

This format can be effective only if our partners draw the right conclusions from the previous stage of the status process and the difficult debate in the UN Security Council. It is necessary to give up encouraging only one side, take due account of Belgrade’s proposals, rely upon UNSC resolution 1244 and further its realization and the implementation in the province of the standards for national minorities.

Predetermining a final solution by mediators, promoting the Ahtisaari plan rejected by the Serbs, setting an artificial timeframe for negotiations – all this is incompatible with the task of achieving compromise. Such practice at this crucial stage of the status process should be ruled out.

A thorough consideration of the positions and concerns of the members of the troika will help cooperate actively and productively, both within this format and with the parties, encouraging them to move towards compromise, but without imposing any obviously unacceptable schemes. Russia is ready for such cooperation.

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