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Published:August 16th, 2007 12:11 EST
Ironically, even as Karl Rove prepares to leave the White House

Ironically, even as Karl Rove prepares to leave the White House

By SOP newswire

Dear Judyth Piazza,

Ironically, even as Karl Rove prepares to leave the White House, the first GOP attack ads of the 2008 elections are under way.

The ads are led by our Republican counterparts, the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC), a group that even Republican candidates have depicted as "a rogue attack-ad shop" that encouraged "over-the-top accusations." [1]

According to news reports, the NRCC is spending tens of thousands of dollars going after five Democratic House members -- including Jack Murtha, whose outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq has infuriated GOP operatives. It's the leading edge of a GOP assault that will likely extend to over 50 congressional districts.

Ever since the swift-boat attacks in August of 2004, the Republicans have used August as a month for spewing half-truths and outright lies about our candidates. No more - thanks to the energetic support you and others have given the DCCC, they don't own August -- not by a long shot.

  • The DCCC has launched a national cable television ad putting pressure on George W. Bush to end the war in Iraq and highlighting the Democrats' New Direction for America.

  • The DCCC also launched radio ads in the home districts of 12 vulnerable Republican candidates who continue to rubberstamp President Bush's failed Iraq policy.

  • The DCCC launched another set of radio ads in the home districts holding four more vulnerable Republicans accountable who continue to vote with President Bush and against children and seniors in their districts.

That's right. While they come after only 5 of our candidates with their attacks, we're going after 16 of theirs with the truth.

We need you to stay especially alert and engaged over the next few weeks. We're going toe-to-toe with the GOP, ratcheting up the political pressure until they abandon Bush's failed policies. And we know what Bush obstructionist Republicans do when they're trapped in a corner -- they try to find any way out of it.

The NRCC's ads have been especially notorious in this regard. Looking back on their vicious 2006 ads, the Boston Globe reported that, "watchdog groups tagged the Republicans - and the NRCC in particular - as the worst offenders in stretching the truth." [2]

The independent ad monitoring service Fact Check reported that "the NRCC attack-ad factory grinds out some smears we find to be misleading or false." [3]

We won't bend an inch in the face of those attacks. If you haven't already joined the DCCC's Rapid Response Network, now's the time to do so.

And, remember, with high stakes battles over Iraq, health care, energy and more at hand, we need you to be especially active through our showdown with these obstructionist Republicans in September. We'll fight together and we'll win together.


Rahm Emanuel
Democratic Caucus Chair