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Published:August 24th, 2007 08:11 EST
Coalition Forces Detain Suspected Militants in Afghan

Coalition Forces Detain Suspected Militants in Afghan

By SOP newswire

One militant was killed and 11 men were detained for questioning following an operation in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province today.

The insurgent was killed while attempting to engage coalition and Afghan forces. The detainees will be questioned as to their involvement in militant activities, officials said.

Intelligence reports led coalition forces to compounds in the Sherzad district that are suspected of providing sanctuary to an enemy facilitator. Multiple weapons, including a machine gun, ammunition vests, six rocket-propelled grenades, two grenades, a bag of explosive propellant, mortar fuses and 21 landmines were found during a search of the compounds. The items were destroyed in place, causing some structural damage to the barn where they were hidden.

"Militants who maintain a weapons cache like this one intend to bring destruction and disrupt the peace within the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan," said Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a Combined Joint Task Force 82 spokeswoman.

Also today, Afghan and coalition forces detained two militants and killed another during an operation in Khowst province.

Intelligence reports led coalition forces to a compound in the Mando Zayi district. One suspected militant was shot and killed during the course of operation when he reached for a weapon; the other two were detained.

En route to the location, coalition forces fired shots in self-defense, and the ricochet rounds wounded a bystander. He was treated for minor injuries by coalition forces, but did not require additional medical attention.

“Afghan national security forces continue to work relentlessly against anti-coalition militants who endanger civilians and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan," Bowman said.

In operations yesterday, Afghan national security forces advised by coalition forces detained seven suspected insurgents during an operation near Kandahar City.

Intelligence reports led Afghan and coalition forces to a compound suspected of housing the militants. One of the detainees is suspected of being a major Taliban bomb maker in the city.

"The apprehension of these insurgents will go a long way towards disrupting the enemies of peace and stability during their on-going assassination and terror campaign against (the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) and (Afghan national security force) officials," Bowman said. "Today's operation removed a high-level individual who has taken part in the command and control of the insurgent (improvised-explosive-device) network that facilitates attacks which target, kill and maim innocent Afghans."

(Compiled from Combined Joint Task Force 82 news release.)

American Forces Press Service