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Published:August 31st, 2007 01:19 EST
Waiting on Fred Thompson: Getting Old!

Waiting on Fred Thompson: Getting Old!

By John Lillpop

Fred Thompson may be precisely what America needs in our next president. He may be more conservative than Ronald Reagan, as aggressive on terrorism as Rudy Giuliani, as unyielding on illegal immigration as Tom Tancredo, and as strong on family values as Mitt Romney.

But when it comes to actually announcing his candidacy for the presidency, Fred Thompson seems overwhelmed, bewildered and over-matched.

Remember July 4th? That was supposed to be the day when Thompson would throw his hat into the ring and end conservative insomnia.

Well Independence Day has come and gone and conservatives are still having nightmares about a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Or even worse, a Clinton-Obama ticket.

So where in the Hades is Fred?

With the media and most of the civilized world waiting to hear from the Law and Order candidate, Fred Thompson finally delivered the goods on August 30-- sort of.

No, he did not actually announce his candidacy.

But he did announce that he would make an announcement on September 6.

Why is Thompson unable to simply say yea or nay, one way or the other?  Why wait until September 6?  What's up with all this pontificating?

If Thompson is struggling this much with trying to initiate and manage a campaign, should America trust him with the awesome responsibilities involved in actually running the nation, especially in an increasingly complex and hostile world?