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Published:September 5th, 2007 04:46 EST
Russian Federation and  People's Republic of Bangladesh make Joint Statement on Terrorism

Russian Federation and People's Republic of Bangladesh make Joint Statement on Terrorism

By SOP newswire


H.E. Mr. S. V. Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and H. E. Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, Adviser for Foreign Affairs of the People`s Republic of Bangladesh during their meeting in Moscow on 03 September 2007 discussed the issue of international terrorism including ways and means to combat this global menace. Expressing their shared concern over the persisting threat of international terrorism, they condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and declared the following:

Terrorism constitutes one of the gravest threats to international peace, security and stability, as well as social and economic development of all States; it is aimed at undermining coexistence and mutual understanding of civilizations, cultures and peoples. Any attempts to associate terrorism with any nation, culture or religion are inadmissible.

In its fight against terrorism, the international community should take joint efforts maintaining the central and leading role of the United Nations; based on the international law and efficient multilateral approach.

When adopting and implementing measures to fight terrorism, the States should ensure compliance with their obligations under the international law and refrain from supporting in any way organizations or persons involved in terrorist activities in their States or in other States.

Guided by a shared understanding of the grave character of the terrorist threat and ways to curb it, the People`s Republic of Bangladesh and the Russian Federation express their desire to:

1. Take steps to strengthen the central coordinating role of the UN in organizing international action to counter terrorist threat, based on the complementarity of decisions taken by its Security Council and General Assembly.

2. Work together in implementing the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

3. Contribute to an early signature and ratification by all States of 13 global conventions and protocols against terrorism, including the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, and promote their full implementation and introduction of relevant provisions into national legislation, as well as to progressive implementation of Security Council resolutions, inter alia, UN SC resolutions 1267, 1373, 1540, 1566, 1617 and 1624.

4. Work actively for an early completion of the process of negotiating and adopting a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism that would substantially enhance international anti-terrorist legal framework.

5. Undertake measures aimed at addressing the conditions conductive to the spread of terrorism, including prolonged unresolved conflicts, political exclusion, socio-economic marginalization, as well as promoting sustained economic growth, recognizing that these measures would contribute to strengthening the global fight against terrorism.

6. Continue close anti-terrorist interaction at the regional level primarily within the ASEAN Regional Forum for Security (ARF); make efforts to strengthen its counter-terrorism mechanisms; and support the development, within the ARF, of an inter-civilization and intercultural dialogue in the context of countering terrorist ideology.

7. Promote partnership relations between the ARF and other international regional organizations and fora established in the region, such as ASEAN, SCO, CSTO, APEC, ACD, SAARC, BIMSTEC, IOR-ARC and their counter-terrorist structures.

8. Develop bilateral anti-terrorist cooperation, encourage mutual legal assistance and promote enhanced contacts and consultations on counter-terrorism issues involving representatives of law enforcement agencies and intelligence services of both States.

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