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Published:September 11th, 2007 11:47 EST
MoveOn.Org Ad Exposes Liberal Betrayal

MoveOn.Org Ad Exposes Liberal Betrayal

By John Lillpop

Anti-war liberals at MoveOn.Org, in conspiracy with anti-American forces at the New York Times, thought they were being clever with that subversive ad that accused General Petraeus of being 'General Betray Us.'


However, MoveOn.Org and the New York Times appear to have outsmarted themselves with this particular smear, published before Petraeus even arrived on Capitol Hill to deliver his testimony before the U.S. House.  

In that testimony, General Petraeus came across as a cool and collected military professional, totally dedicated to completing the "Mission" in Iraq.

That 'Mission', despite the best efforts of Tom Lantos, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other leftists in the U.S. Congress, remains Victory in Iraq.

Lest Democrats forget, that means Victory FOR AMERICA!

With his powerful and compelling testimony, General Petraeus made it clear that he intends to win the war on terror for the American people, unless prevented from doing so by Democrats blinded by partisan politics and in a crazed heat precipitated by an election cycle.

Petraeus is a man of obvious intellect, courage, and integrity, qualities completely absent in sniveling fools like those at MoveOn.Org.

Clearly, this man is 'For Us,' and any suggestion to the contrary is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of communists, socialists, and liberal Democrats.

In evaluating the Petraeus testimony, each American should ask himself or herself the following question

Whom do you trust more to defend America?  General Petraeus or Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?

And the question that really needs to be asked:

Whom is more guilty of betraying America? General Petraeus or MoveOn.Org and the New York Times?