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Published:September 17th, 2007 08:56 EST
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's Remarks and Reply to a Question from the Russia on the Up magazine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's Remarks and Reply to a Question from the Russia on the Up magazine

By SOP newswire

Question: Esteemed Sergey Viktorovich, in your opinion, what are the main results of the first visit in the history of Russian-Peruvian relations by a head of the foreign affairs agency of our country to Peru?

Sergey Lavrov: I think that the significance of this visit is very great, since, even though it was planned beforehand, the meeting between Presidents Putin and Garcia in Sydney, where they attended the APEC summit, imparted special importance to it. During the conversation, both leaders agreed that with such a well developed political dialogue it was unbecoming to have so modest trade-and-economic relations, and agreed to carry out a prompt inventory of the areas of cooperation which, shall I say, during the first presidency of Alan Garcia, received their good development, but then died away for reasons, largely objective, linked with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia had enormous problems, but now they are overcome.

Our leaders set the task of finding out what could be done to lift trade-and-economic cooperation to a proper level. We discussed just this task as I met with the President of the Republic of Peru, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and with the President of the National Congress. It was decided that First Vice President Luis Giampietri, who will arrive in Russia at the end of this month, will bring with him a concrete list of wishes of Peruvian partners in trade and economic affairs, with emphasis on the prospects for investment cooperation, as well as wishes regarding military-technical cooperation. It is known that the Peruvian army uses Russian-made equipment and there is a need to modernize and renew it. We are ready to consider this so as to truly solve these matters.

That interest in livening up our trade-and-economic and scientific-and-technical cooperation is reciprocal. It rests on awareness that the previously amassed potential needs to be maintained. This is both the pragmatic side of the matter and, probably, investment in the future. It is pleasant that our private companies are beginning to look closely at Peru in practical terms now. Samaraneftegaz has won the tender for hydrocarbon exploration in the north of the country and I think that`s only the first signs. So that we will await the Vice President, and then, at the end of his visit, consider all the proposals that the Peruvian side will have submitted. We will actively use diverse structural mechanisms and try our best to bring the business circles of the two countries as close together as possible. Because in the framework of a direct dialogue it is best to clarify mutual capabilities and requirements.

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