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Published:September 21st, 2007 07:08 EST
Don't go Burning Bridges

Don't go Burning Bridges

By Will Roberts

Whatever happens to our government investing in the people and our land? Seems like all parts our country is crumbling. Real estate is so bad that our government is trying to sell our bridges and highways to foreign investor. Probably because American investors know too much about the condition of these properties.

Will Rogers said back in the 30’s “I would rather be the person that sold the Brooklyn bridges than the person who bought it.  Our modern day slogan reads, “I would rather be the person that sold the more than 70 thousand bridges and highways that are questionably unsafe, than the overseas investor who bought them. Now just in case you don’t get the logic of selling our bridges and highways off, let me tell you the main factor, FAST money. You know like payday, today stores. The governments get the money today, not over the 75 years of the life of the bridge or highway. This way our government can use the money to pay off debts and use the money in whatever way they deem fit. I would like to put a timer on that money; I bet it would be spent before the even got it.

I guess I can’t blame our government too much with the shape of some of these bridges and highways I might consider selling off my property if I was consistently having to fix it. However, my property does not have any bearing on people’s day-to-day lives. In this day and age selling anything off to a foreign country, well, just does not seem very American.  I guess we could consider the sale IF the tolls on the bridges and highways collected was equal to the dollar rate exchange in that country ___ certainly not ours.


What is ironic is that we have been spending the last 6 or so years, since 911 dumping money into folks watching our bridges and highways for terrorist who might be trying do what seems to be happening naturally
 It might be wise from now on not to show too much of our country on TV. The minute we pan out on a wide shot of our bridges, buildings, streets, . . . they might see the weak spots we are over looking. And Mr. Ahmadinejad, if you want see New York we will send you a post card >>>cod
Perhaps all we need is a good solid plan, with that being said I am going to submit my road map for success. Note to our government: we will not take a plan put together by NY politicians until AFTER the 2008 electors. Because we need something more than just promises, we are paying dearly for those and they don’t make us feel any safer.
Politician try to make you think you are getting the best car on the lot uses promises. Maybe we should invoke the lemon law on them, when politicians fail more than three times we can give um back and get another model..




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