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Published:September 25th, 2007 12:07 EST
We Can't Wait  for 08

We Can't Wait for 08

By SOP newswire

It’s time for Congress to stop caving in and start standing up to the Bush Administration.

Our “leaders” in Washington keep telling us to wait for a more politically expedient time to restore our freedoms. Well, I have a message for them: Don’t Wait for ’08! That’s going to be the ACLU's rallying cry during our critical 100-day campaign demanding immediate action from Congress to restore our constitutional rights.

With your help, we are going to put all 535 members of Congress on the record by asking a simple question - Will you defend the Constitution? And will you defend it now? Answering yes means standing up on four critical issues: ending warrantless wiretapping, shutting down Guantánamo Bay, restoring habeas corpus, and stopping torture.

Ask your member of Congress: Will you defend the Constitution?

Over the next 100 days, we’ll bring the full force of the ACLU’s membership and activist base to bear on targeted members of Congress who fail to defend freedom. This includes local newspaper and radio ads, billboards and online strategies, and grassroots pressure both online and offline with millions of Americans coming together to demand action on these fundamental freedoms.

Our legislative advocates will work behind the scenes to press members of Congress to commit to key legislation to restore habeas corpus, close Guantánamo Bay, reverse the Military Commissions Act and fix the so-called “Protect America Act” that allows warrantless searches of innocent Americans. And, every time Congress acts — or fails to act — we’ll mobilize our more than half-million ACLU members to take action.

So, please, ask your member of Congress: Will you defend the Constitution?

We’ve already fired the first salvo in this campaign by running ads in the hometown newspapers of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demanding they stop acting like the President's sheep by following him blindly. That was only the beginning. Now, we’re insisting that all members of Congress do the right thing and defend the Constitution.

We’ve already put Congress on notice. They heard from hundreds of thousands of angry activists when they failed to protect our privacy by passing August’s FISA-gutting legislation. Because of that outcry, Congress is now claiming that they’ll fix this reckless legislation before it sunsets. And last week, the Senate came within four votes of passing legislation to restore habeas corpus.

With your help, there is a very real chance that Congress will take action to restore the Constitution in the next 100 days but only if we keep the pressure on.

Don’t Wait for ’08 to end warrantless wiretapping, shut down Guantánamo Bay, restore habeas corpus, and stop torture. In the weeks and months ahead, this must be the agenda of those who care about freedom. And, if we are going to produce genuine progress on that agenda, we must create unrelenting pressure on a recalcitrant Congress to act now — Don’t Wait for ’08.

Now’s the time. Ask your member of Congress: Will you defend the Constitution?

You know what’s at stake if we prolong restoring the Constitution any longer. That’s why I know we can count on you to participate in this critical campaign.


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

P.S. The ACLU is going for broke. We won’t let a single member of Congress off the hook when it comes to abandoning the Constitution. Our Don’t Wait for ’08 campaign needs your immediate commitment. Please take a few minutes now to ask your member of Congress: Will you defend the Constitution?

Then, watch for updates on which Members of Congress have made the Commitment to the Constitution and news of how you can help us target the ones who haven’t.

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