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Published:October 17th, 2007 10:02 EST
World's Leading Internet Evangelist Bill Keller  Denounce Romney

World's Leading Internet Evangelist Bill Keller Denounce Romney

By SOP newswire

From the late Walter Martin to the expert theological reviews of Dr. John Ankerberg the Mormon religion has been labeled by almost all of Christendom as a cult. From the spurious beginnings of the Mormon movement under Joseph Smith to the highly questionable extra-biblical Book of Mormon there has never been a time when orthodox Christianity has not seen Mormonism as a cult.

Keller is asking the question that is on the minds of millions of believers. Have we suspended faith and beliefs for a political candidate?

Keller says "Dr. James Dobson and many Christian leaders are more worried about money and power than souls! Keller says "we can never vote for someone who is a member of a satanic cult."

Bill Keller, St. Petersburg, FL,

About Bill Keller
Bill Keller is the internets premiere evangelist. He hosts "Live Prayer AM with Bill Keller" each day for one hour starting at 7:30 am on Tampa's WTTA TV 38. His no nonsense style of evangelism is refreshing if not radical. Keller stays close to his Biblical worldview and quotes from the bible constantly in his presentations. He doesn't clamor for money but calls attention to everything gone wrong in America. He delivers his daily messages with compelling authority and conviction and keeps the last five messages archived online so his viewers can see any they have missed. With guests often as interesting as him, the broadcast is anything but boring. Live Prayer is soon to be aired nationwide on the i network (ION TV) formerly known as PAX TV.

About Live Prayer
In 1999 Bill Keller launched; it has gone on to become the most successful online faith ministry in the history of the internet. Live Prayer is now providing a daily devotional written by Bill Keller for its over two million e-mail subscribers. Information on how and where to watch the broadcast is available at


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