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Published:February 2nd, 2010 12:14 EST
If You Like War in Iraq, You'll Love War on Iran

If You Like War in Iraq, You'll Love War on Iran

By SOP newswire

Blast from the past! GWB "Rhetoric"

Washington, D.C. " With the Bush administration ratcheting up its rhetoric against Iran and press reports indicating that a military attack is under consideration, experts from the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation are available to comment on why a U.S. attack against Iran would be dangerous, fuel anti-Americanism throughout the Muslim world, and place at further risk the lives of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the past week, President Bush suggested that a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to World War III. " Vice President Cheney echoed this loose talk on Sunday by calling the government in Tehran a growing obstacle to peace in the Middle East " and promising serious consequences " if the government there does not abandon its nuclear program.

We can`t bomb a country simply because we don`t like it. Doing so would be recklessly shortsighted and only strengthen the hand of hardliners in Iran , " said Carah Ong, Iran Policy Analyst at the Center. If we want to see a change in Iran`s behavior, we must pursue courageous diplomatic leadership to establish a serious sustained dialogue. "

The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation has led efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the confrontation with Iran - including direct talks without preconditions. This has included a petition urging members of Congress to prevent a military attack (, a position paper exploring the path to a diplomatic solution (, and a study indicating that there is no such thing as a clean " military strike against Iran ( _bad_idea/index.html).