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Published:October 30th, 2007 07:41 EST
Calling Code Pink . . . Where Are You?

Calling Code Pink . . . Where Are You?

By John Lillpop

Code Pink activist Desiree Farooz made a huge splash in the media with her stunt at a House Foreign Relations Committee hearing on October 24. It was at that gathering that this deranged former teacher from Texas shoved her bloody hands into the face of Secretary Condolezza Rice while screaming, “The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands!”

Secretary Rice maintained her dignified, professional decorum while Capitol Hill police forcibly removed Farooz from the People's House. After order was restored, the war in Iraq and other issues in the Middle East were discussed in more respectful, rational terms, sans the bloody hands and screaming.

Farooz professes to be motivated by concern for innocent Iraqi women and children killed during the war. She considers President Bush, Rice and the entire Bush administration to be war criminals, guilty of horrific crimes against humanity for which they should be arrested and tried.

Oddly enough, Farooz's concern for women and children does not seem to extend to atrocities committed by the late Saddam Hussein. Apparently, brutal murders, rapes, torture and mass graves are not of interest unless there is a way to tie said crimes directly to George Bush and his administration.

For bleeding-heart types really concerned about justice for the powerless and abused, there is plenty of murder and mayhem to protest right here at home.


Since the Roe vs. Wade decision was rendered in 1972, 45 million innocent fetuses have been slaughtered in America. Some have even been subjected to the most severe form of "cruel and unusual" punishment imaginable, partial birth abortion.

Children sentenced to undergo this form of slaughter have their tender skulls smashed with a blunt instrument and their brains clawed out to complete the heinous murder. All of this to prevent the miracle of life from taking place!

So, where the hell are Code Pink and righteous protesters like Desiree Farooz when it comes to the wanton murder of 45 million innocent children?

Why not take your "bloody hands" to abortion clinics, planned parenthood branches and to the offices of abortion doctors and protest the most evil form of genocide on the planet? Or, would such an expression of support for the unborn conflict with leftist malarkey which holds that the murder of a human fetus is the sole prerogative of the woman?

How dare Desiree Farooz claim to be concerned about children when the most innocent and vulnerable of all are murdered in the name of "choice," without a whimper, much less "bloody hands" from Code Pink?