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Published:October 31st, 2007 00:49 EST
Hillary: A Pearl Among Swine?

Hillary: A Pearl Among Swine?

By John Lillpop


Senator Barack Obama (D- Illinois) and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, both liberals to a fault, are almost always wrong on most issues. Dead wrong, out to lunch, no question about it.

But a minor miracle lifted these two out of the fog of liberalism during yet another Democrat debate Tuesday evening. At least with respect to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York), that is.

Obama and Edwards, positioned on either side of the Democrat front runner, spoke truth when they called Hillary a flip flopper, one who engages in double talk, a defender and part of the broken and corrupt system, and guilty of poor judgment.

Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) awakened just long enough to add his astute observation that "fifty percent won't vote for her."

Hillary's detractors could have added liar, corrupt, immoral and socialist to the laundry list. Even then, the gentlemen would have been overly chivalrous in their treatment of the only presidential candidate in U.S. history known to have slept with a former president.

Unfortunately, excepting the moments when Hillary was being cannibalized, the debate was dreadfully dull. Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson did manage to liven things up somewhat by staging a minor protest over the fact that both were essentially ignored so that Obama and Edwards could take turns punching Hillary.

However, in defense of those running the debate, the exclusion of Kucinich and Richardson was understandable.

After all, Kucinich could have easily been mistaken for an underage alien from another galaxy here to research the latest in GPS technology for his UFO.

And Richardson could have been mistaken for an overdressed Hispanic valet waiting for the chance to drive one of those fancy limousines favored by most of the hypocritical Democrats running for the U.S. presidency under the banner of environmental extremism.

All in all, it was the answer to a conservative's most fervent prayer: A public thrashing of Hillary Rodham Clinton. It does not get much better than that!

As to the rude smack talk directed at Hillary by the men, remember that Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love-- nothing in the City Charter obligates anyone to be nice to sisters!