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Published:November 8th, 2007 12:24 EST
Dear Speaker Pelosi: Please Take Back Your Promise

Dear Speaker Pelosi: Please Take Back Your Promise

By John Lillpop

More than 10 months ago, Nancy Pelosi basked in the glory of being sworn in as the most powerful woman in America and third in line for ascension to the presidency.

Wags referred to Pelosi as San Francisco's "only straight Queen."

Those were heady days for California's most prominent socialist and greatest national embarrassment. Mind you, Barbara Boxer and Pete Stark are gaining on the bug-eyed grandma, but to date, neither has been quite as spectacularly goofy as Speaker Pelosi.

Following her coronation in January, Nancy Pelosi promised a "New Day in America." Most assumed that she meant a "better" day.

With 10 months now in the books and nearly 50 percent of Pelosi's term spent, it is time to objectively ask, "How is she doing?"

To answer that question, consider the following events that have made headlines during Nancy Pelosi's term as Speaker of the House:

* Pakistan melts down into chaos, Georgia (the nation) follows.

* After being incited regarding an atrocity that took place 92 years ago, Turkey threatens to invade Iraq.

* Vladmire Putin makes cold war threats against America. Hot war threats to follow?

* Iran activates centrifuge # 3,000.

* Oil nears $100 a barrel, gas prices race toward $5 a gallon.

* U.S. dollar falls to record lows.

* General Motors loses $39 billion in one quarter.

* National debt hits $9 trillion dollars.

* Residential-housing market implodes.

* Sub-prime mortgage sector collapses, home foreclosures soar.

* Georgia (the state) and most of the American southeast suffer devastating drought.

* Wildfires decimate southern California.

* Writers in Hollywood strike, and

* Pete Stark goes berserk on floor of U.S. House.

Most thinking Americans would instantly recognize the folly in trying to lay the blame for the above events at the feet of Speaker Pelosi.

Why, then, do many of those same "thinking" Americans delight in blaming President Bush for every bit of bad news on the planet?