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Published:November 8th, 2007 01:06 EST
Who Do You Want to Lead Our Nation?

Who Do You Want to Lead Our Nation?

By Caddy Burrows

What kind of person do you want to lead our nation? There are many different types of people we can choose to lead our nation as the next president in January 2009.One of the candidates is a black muslim, the other a white lady democrat.

Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, has decided to run for office. She has taken the nation by storm, standing up for womens' rights and abortion in the United States.

Our citizens of the nation judge the candidates by race, religion and background. Should we judge the candidates of the United States by race and religion? That is an opinion everyone has the right to speak about. Background is very important to be judged upon also.

There are 16 candidates from which to choose. Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, is also running for president. Former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, is also planning for a competitive political campaign. Everyone should take time and listen to all of the candidates' speeches in order to decide who should be the next leader to represent the United States.