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Published:November 21st, 2007 09:24 EST

Putin warns against return of the oligarchs

By SOP newswire

President Putin is warning against attempts to restore the influence of oligarchs in Russia. He told thousands of supporters in Moscow that power-hungry tycoons had not gone away. He said they remained in the wings, waiting for an opportunity to regain their influence in Russia.

Putin was addressing more than 5,000 young supporters in Moscow's Luzhniki sports arena in Moscow.  They'd gathered to support the President ahead of the parliamentary elections on December the 2nd.

Putin said the main task for Russia was to ensure existing policies remained in place.

He said the country's economy could make it into the top five in the world in the next decade.

Putin also said a win for the United Russia party, whose electoral lists he tops, is crucial for the smooth functioning of government.

“In the next several months the upper echelon of government will be completely renewed. And for that renewal to go smoothly, for the parliament and the future President to work together effectively - we need only victory," Putin said.

He warned that a return to oligarch rule would be disastrous for Russia, as it was based on corruption and lies.

"There should be no illusions. These people have not left the political arena. You will find their names among the candidates and sponsors of several parties. They want to come back, to return to power, to gain influence. And gradually to restore oligarchic rule based on corruption and lies. These people are only capable of one thing: if they return to power: they will steal, stuff their pockets and will do it brilliantly and with cynicism. We will not let this happen," Putin said.

RT political commentator Peter Lavelle says the President's comments show his commitment to strengthening the role of Russia's parliament.

“This president is making a commitment to make sure that his policies are carried out by Parliament. Now we are going to see them moving closer together," Peter Lavelle said.

Source:Russia Today