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Published:November 27th, 2007 11:39 EST
G.W.  Bush and The Halliburton Presidency

G.W. Bush and The Halliburton Presidency

By SOP newswire

Been to the gas station lately? Gas prices have more than doubled since George Bush took office -- it`s an outrage.

Thanks to the Republican road blocks in Congress, gas prices continued to skyrocket just in time for the holiday travel rush -- ensuring that millions of dollars flowed into the pockets of their Big Oil friends and out of the pockets of America`s hardworking families.

Remember the Bush Administration`s secret meetings with their Big Oil friends to develop our nation`s energy policy? We need to make sure the Halliburton presidency is in the past -- but with more than 60 Democrats sitting in seats that Bush carried in 2004, this November, Republicans will try to turn back the clock.

But, we aren`t going to let them. With less than a year out, help us send a message to the Republican road blocks in Congress and in the White House that you won`t stand for their $50 or more for a tank of gas. We want to raise $120,000 by November 30th to target the DOZEN worst Republican offenders and keep our campaign to strengthen our Majority moving forward.

Send Obstructionist Republicans a Message: Contribute today and be sure to add an extra $3.07 for the current average gallon of gas.

Since January, Democrats have been fighting to undo the 12-year era of Republicans who let Big Oil write America`s energy laws.

This year, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have led the fight by passing bills to end tax breaks for Big Oil, outlaw price-gouging at the pump, and stop foreign oil cartels from dictating how much Americans pay to fuel our cars and heat our homes. But with House Republicans continuing to block this progress on behalf of their Big Oil friends, we need your help to hold them accountable today.

Contribute today to ensure we never turn back the clock and that we keep America moving forward.

There are only 3 days left before November 30th and we need to raise $120,000 for our campaign to succeed.

Together, we can ensure that House Republicans who help Big Oil at the expense of America`s middle class families pay an even higher price at the polls next year than we paid at the pump last week.

Brian Wolff
Executive Director