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Published:December 4th, 2007 06:26 EST
Of  a Lame, Dumb Bush and World War III

Of a Lame, Dumb Bush and World War III

By John Lillpop

Americans have learned that using the words Bush and intelligence in the same sentence may be grammatically correct, but inadvisable nonetheless. The latest news about Bush, World War III, and the latest intelligence from Iran certainly bear that out.

Back in October, President Bush rattled U.S. sabers and much of the world by announcing the final legacy item for his remaining time in office: Execution of World War III, based on W's nightmares about Iran owning a nuclear weapon.

Unfortunately for this lame, dumb president, whatever credibility he had was demolished with the declassification of a national intelligence estimate (NIE) which stated that Iran has not been pursuing nuclear weapons development for the past four years.


Unlike pronouncements emanating from W, the NIE was based on intelligence gleaned from 16 American agencies charged with unearthing and reporting actual facts.

How to explain the disparity between what W says and the NIE?

One possible answer is that, until last week, the NIE was classified. Of course, being the stickler that he is for national security, W would never reveal classified information, especially when such information failed to support a major foreign policy position of the president.

Better to promote World War III and hope that the intelligence catches up, right W?

Americans who love this nation are anxiously counting the days, hours and minutes until this president leaves office on January 20, 2009.

The big question: Can our republic survive 13 more months of W?