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Published:December 19th, 2007 02:08 EST
Manchester, New Hampshire - Eleven Arrests at Giuliani's Headquarters

Manchester, New Hampshire - Eleven Arrests at Giuliani's Headquarters

By SOP newswire

Eleven protesters led by national anti-abortion activist Randall Terry were arrested yesterday outside Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign office.

The pro-life activists, from Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, and New Hampshire, were released later that day with trespassing charges while Mr. Terry remained in custody awaiting his court hearing.

Terry's message to the GOP and ethical voters:

"Rudy Giuliani can not ignore pro-life voters or the Republican party's pro-life platform."

"Rudy's position on pre-born babies makes him unfit to hold office and certainly means he will not carry conservative voters into election day."
"We must expose Rudy for who he is -- a deceitful left- wing Democrat masquerading as a Republican."

"New Hampshire is America's primary. What happens in New Hampshire will affect every voter in America."

Randall Terry's supporters will be picketing at 10 a.m., for the third day in a row in New Hampshire, outside of the County Courthouse, at 300 Chestnut St. Manchester, NH, waiting for his release.

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