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Published:January 2nd, 2008 10:28 EST
Former Congressman Joe Scarborough Jams with Former Reverend Huckabee

Former Congressman Joe Scarborough Jams with Former Reverend Huckabee

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Strumming in the New Year were Joe and Huck living their lost youth and suppressed Rock ‘n Roll fantasies.  Frankly, the Woodstock, Love Bug generation likely got a kick out of it.  Nothing like seeing world leaders let down their hair, right?  America loves a paradox:  Educational Lotto; Christian Rock; Christian Pornography; Christian Politician.  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” explains the prophet. You’ve got to love Joe.  He came to his senses in time to escape Congress with his senses.  He is cool to the max and is giving Matt Lauer a run for his ratings. 

Huckabee is another matter.  He may play a fair bass guitar, but Huckabee cannot win.  He seems very hot here on the eve of the Iowa caucus and his evangelical positioning may pull in a few early votes.  However, he cannot sustain the swell.  Too many voters are still living and still stinging since they jumped to Jimmy Carter in ’77.  The voter’s knee-jerk reaction to the disasters of the Nixon administration caused them to slurp up, “Aw, shucks, I’m Jimmy Carter and I want to be president.”

Next thing they knew, the American people were paying 22% for a mortgage and Jimmy was discussing nuclear war with daughter Amy.  Jimmy delivered his Fireside Chats wearing a thick sweater and begging the people to carpool and to turn down their thermostats until it hurt.  What a nightmare.

Now we have Rocker Huck.  Huck seems to believe he can ride a wave of rock-on hallelujahs into the Oval Office.  He will implode long before November; nevertheless, don’t be too surprised if “Amen” suddenly becomes the mantra of the moment-- very much as Clinton-Gore gave us the Macarena.  Just reading the word “Macarena” made you hurt, didn’t it?


In all fairness, Huckabee is probably an honorable person.  Still, it is worrisome to see a presidential candidate standing in the pulpit at Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, TX, defending his “Floating Cross” Christmas message to the congregation.  Many say Huck is an excellent communicator.  No doubt he is-- he’s a trained preacher.  Yet, do you hear this nagging, still, small voice whispering, “Be careful; be very careful.”


Joe Scarborough seemed sold on Huckabee during his MSNBC show this morning-- almost a genuine love fest.  Inviting Joe on stage to jam was another foxy Huckabee maneuver.  Evidently, morning airtime can be had when you love your Mama Guitar.


Regardless, Huckabee cannot win.  Evangelicals will never elect one of their own.  They know better.  Non-evangelicals do, too.   Huck may be great as a visiting Revival Preacher, but it is very likely he grows restless when he hangs around one place too long.  Evangelicals are asking themselves, “If Huckabee was called to preach, when was he un-called?”

For the general, non-evangelical voter, this may not matter.  To the evangelical, though, it is quite troubling.  Not to mention, a matter of prayer. Amen.

I’m Nancy Wolfe and I approve this message.