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Published:January 3rd, 2008 08:06 EST
Dave Weldon and Congress, Concerns regarding media consolidation

Dave Weldon and Congress, Concerns regarding media consolidation

By SOP newswire

Dear Judyth Piazza:                          

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding media consolidation. It is good to hear from you.

Since 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been involved in an ongoing public debate over what ownership limitations on broadcast stations are in the public’s best interest.  The FCC formulates media ownership policy based on their three long-standing media policy goals of diversity of voices, localism, and competition. Currently the debate focuses on FCC rules that place certain limitations on the number of broadcast stations (television and radio) that a single media entity may own, both on a national scale and on a local scale.  The trend over the last decade has been for the FCC to loosen media ownership restrictions, particularly in light of the diversity offered through the dramatic growth of new media options for individuals - cable and satellite stations, Internet media outlets, etc. In June 2003, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upheld the FCC’s loosening of media ownership restrictions, stating that they remain in the public’s interest. At the same time, the court remanded the FCC for various numerical limitations its rules had placed on television and radio outlets in specified markets. This decision led the FCC to reconsider its policies regarding media ownership rules.

On July 31, 2007, the FCC released 10 economic studies as part of its review of the media ownership rules.  These studies, as well as public reaction to them, will assist lawmakers such as myself in understanding the best approach to media ownership policy. As the FCC continues to review research and set policies regarding media ownership, and should Congress consider legislation on the matter, I will keep your concerns in mind.  Thank you again for contacting me on this important issue. It is an honor to serve you in Congress.


Dave Weldon
Member of Congress