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Published:January 4th, 2008 04:07 EST
Abortion Killed Giuliani in Iowa

Abortion Killed Giuliani in Iowa

By SOP newswire

"America's Mayor is being sent back to City Hall because of his support of abortion. Our mission is to speed up that process by continuing to expose and confront him in New Hampshire this weekend, then Florida for the rest of the month."

"We will be dogging Rudy in Florida next, until his campaign is a smoldering ruin and a warning to any other pro-choice Republicans: Stay out, or face the same end." Randall Terry, President, Society for Truth and Justice

Weekend Activities:

Pro-life activists will lead protests at Giuliani's appearances in New Hampshire, highlighting Rudy's pro-abortion position, and other positions hostile to the Christian community.

Activists with the Society for Truth and Justice will lead a protest at the Republican debate on Saturday.

A Large literature drop is scheduled for New Hampshire Churches on Sunday Morning, again exposing Rudy's history and agenda.

On Monday and Tuesday, pro-lifers will be handing out literature and holding large signs at key intersections and voting locations, all geared toward pulling away the false front Rudy has constructed - as he tries to pawn himself off as a conservative Republican.

Florida Next. New Hampshire's activities are a prelude to nearly 3 weeks of "Anybody but Rudy" plans scheduled for Florida until the Florida primary on January 29.

For further information, contact Randall Terry at 904 461 0834

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